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The most effective ways to remove algae

DoPhin Canister filters with Co2 diffusion and Heating compartments

Easy priming - Fast start up with a touch of a button

Integrated CO2 mixing for aquascapers - Remove the need of a diffuser inside your tank any more. Let it be perfectly mixed after filtering.

Built in heater compartment - Perfectly heat your tank with desired temperature by inserting your heater inside the filter.

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Aquario Neo Air diffuser

The Aquario NEO Air Diffuser produces tiny air bubbles when compared to other air stones. This reduces noise and splash and allows for higher oxygen production in an aquarium.

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KABADI Premium shrimp food

With premium edition of Kabadi products, give your shrimps the color, immunity and faster growth with 100% natural feeds from Kabadi. Exclusive dealers for the UAE and only serving the best in the market

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