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Aquamarket Full spectrum lights WRGB programmable LED lights

Aquamarket Full spectrum lights WRGB programmable LED lights

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From the manufacturers of Hygger

 Size Power Lumens Color
30 cm (fits 30-45cm) 20W 920 lmns 6000-10000K
45cm (fits 45-60cm) 26W 1290lmns 6000-10000K
60cm (fits 60-75cm) 36W 2060 lmns 6000-10000K
75cm (fits 75-90cm) 48W 2450 lmns 6000-10000K
90cm (fits 90-105cm) 60W 2980 lmns 6000-10000K
120 cm (fits 120-135cm) 72W
3520 lmns 6000-10000K


1. The aquatic plant lamp is arranged with full-spectrum lamp beads, RA>90, LED lamp without flicker.
2. High power and reasonable intelligent controller make the water plants have enough photosynthesis. Promote the growth of water plants.
3. The LCD displays the local time on the same screen, with dual timers to control the lights during the day and night respectively.
4. Gradual brightness design, simulating the light of sunrise and sunset, making fish and water plants grow as if they were growing in a natural environment
5. DIY timer design can meet the higher requirements of users. It has 8-time settings and controls 8 groups of different brightness, which can be combined at will.
6. Colorful moonlight mode, 10-level dimming, make your fish tank more beautiful at night.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
quality product

loved the quality of HYGGER light .highly recommended

Tushar Parekh
Amazing product and excellent delivery timing

it is nice light, really good quality MUST BUY

Shabir Suliman
Excellent product

I have purchased this for the second time because my experience and the quality of this light was exceptional. Thank you Linil for your efforts

Elroy Dsouza

Aquamarket Full spectrum lights WRGB programmable LED lights

Robie Goniabo

Aquamarket Full spectrum lights WRGB programmable LED lights

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