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SUNSUN External IN-LINE Heater EH-300|300W / EH-500 | 500w

SUNSUN External IN-LINE Heater EH-300|300W / EH-500 | 500w

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SUNSUN EH-300 / EH -500 is an external IN-LINE aquarium heater with a power of 300w / 500W and is adjustable from 20c to 35c and at the push of a button. It has a built-in display, making it easy to read. This heater fits on most of the external filter hose since it comes with 2 different size hose adapters (12/16 and 16/22)

Connect the heater on the out-flow hose/tube of the external filter as per the direction of the arrow on the heater as it should be the same with the direction of water flow.

EH-300 is suitable for 200-400 liter aquariums.

EH-500 is suitable for 400-600 liter aquariums.

Automatically cuts off the power when there is no water flow within.

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Aamir Abdalgadir

Very good product to keep your aquarium clean and enjoy all your aquascaping

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