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B&T Ich out (White spots) treatment

B&T Ich out (White spots) treatment

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For SALTWATER & Fresh Water Aquarium

Controls Ich and other protozoan or fungal external diseases

BNT’s ICH OUT is a combination of two powerful medications which have proven effective in the control of many diseases of freshwater fishes caused by external protozoan (single cell) parasites such as white spot disease, Ichthyophthiriasis, Costia, Trichodina, Chilodonella and saltwater external parasites such as Cryptocaryon and Amyloodinium . The medication can also treat fungal infections in fishes.

Ich Out is recommended as the best chemical treatment for Ich, (white spot disease), having been originally developed decades ago for professional aquaculture, public aquariums, and government use in treating fishes. Other than refinement in ingredients, it has continued to remain as the foremost scientifically developed chemical treatment for Ich white spot disease. The ICH OUT formula utilizes the less common but also less toxic chloride salt binds strongly with the internal cytoplasmic structure of disease causing organisms interfering in normal metabolism.

Fishes such as the so-called "scale-less" species (loaches, catfish, etc.) tolerate ICH OUT very well, but be sure to follow cautions noted earlier.

  • Controls Ich and other external protozoan, dinoflagellate and fungal diseases of fish
  • For fresh and saltwater fish
  • Will not harm biological filters when used as directed
  • The foremost Ich chemical treatment for aquarium and pond fish

  • Carefully calculate the volume of water to be treated making adequate allowance for the displacement of water by gravel, rocks & equipment.
  • Shake bottle well before use.
  • Add 5ml (1 teaspoon) per 10 gallons of water
  • Remove carbon and clean filter. Replace with clean mechanical filter media and return to use without the carbon. Continue filtration during treatment.
  • Perform a partial water change of at least 20-25%. Repeat water changes at 20-25% before each re-treatment with Ich Out.
  • Treatments may be repeated as often as every 6-12 hours (depending upon the severity of the particular disease and the tolerance of the diseased fishes). Treatment should be repeated no less than every 24 hours and continued for at least 3 days beyond the disappearance of all signs of disease. The main problem is in knowing when all white spots are gone from inside the mouth, gills, and nostrils of the fish. Typical treatments for Ich will depend upon the species of Ich involved, and may require six to 35 days or more in daily treatments. This means that daily partial water changes will need to be made followed by daily re-dosing of ICH OUT until the infection is entirely gone. .
  • After treatment, make a 40% water change. Add BNT's Aqua Safe and Aqua Safe Plus® in the water, preferably before replacing water in the tank.?
For use in Treatment of Freshwater and Saltwater External Single-Celled Parasites.
ICH OUT is stable indefinitely in solution. It must be stored above 50° F (10° C) to prevent product precipitation. Do not freeze.
Keep tightly closed when not in use.

Non-Toxic To Humans, Pets & Aquatic Life
For Ornamental pond and aquarium fish use only.
Not for human, medical or food fish use.
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