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B&T Fungal control 100ml

B&T Fungal control 100ml

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For SALTWATER & Fresh Water Aquarium

Effective against fungus &prevents fungal growth on fish eggs

Fungal Control is effective against superficial fungal infections of fish. The drug may be used as an alternative to 2X PLUS for the control of fungus when it is known that the fish to be treated are sensitive. Fungal Control is safe for use with fish eggs and fry for the prevention of fungal infections. As a secondary use, it is effective against some external protozoans, such as Ichthyophthirius (Ich), Chilodonella and Costia.

The properties of the drug as an oxygen transporter (it converts methemoglobin to the normal oxygen carrying component of fish blood, haemoglobin) allow it to be used in the treatment of known cyanide and nitrite poisoning of aquarium fishes. It has been suggested that newly arrived marine fish placed in Fungal Control can have their survival rate increased as Fungal Control aids in the reversal of nitrite and/or cyanide poisoning.

The therapeutic action of BNT’s Fungal Control on bacteria and other parasites is probably due to its binding with cytoplasmic structures within the cell and also its interference with oxidation reduction processes.

  • Treats fungal infections on fertile fish eggs
  • Treats superficial fungal infections of fish
  • For fresh and saltwater

Fungal Control is removed by activated carbon filtration. It will also be absorbed by porous materials such as rock, coral and wood. The product is best used in bare aquariums or ponds, especially if they are new.FUNGAL CONTROL may permanently colour the silicone sealant in aquariums. At the conclusion of all treatments, a partial or complete water change should be made and activated carbon replaced in the filter.

Prevention or treatment of fungus on fish and fish eggs or external parasitic protozoans:
  • Carefully calculate the volume of water to be treated making adequate allowance for the displacement of water by gravel, rocks & equipment.
  • Shake bottle well before use.
  • Add 5ml (1 teaspoon) per 10 gallons of water
  • Remove carbon and clean filter. Replace with clean mechanical filter media and return to use without the carbon. Continue filtration during treatment.
  • Treatments may be repeated for 3 - 5 days
  • Make a water change as noted and replace the filter carbon at the conclusion of the treatment. Add BNT's Aqua Safe and Aqua Safe Plus® in the water for conditioning
As an aid in reversal of nitrite (NO2-) or cyanide (CN-) poisoning of marine and freshwater aquarium fishes:


  • Remove carbon filter and continue to operate with mechanical filter media throughout the treatment period. ?
  • Add 5ml (1 teaspoon) of fungal Control per 10 gallons of water. This produces a concentration of 3 ppm. Continue the treatment for 3 to 5 days. ?
  • Make a water change as noted and replace the filter carbon at the conclusion of the treatment. Add BNT's Aqua Safe and Aqua Betta Safe in the water for conditioning
For use as a dip for treatment of fungus or external parasitic protozoans and cyanide poisoning: ?
  • Prepare a nonmetallic container of sufficient size to contain the fish to be treated by adding water similar to the original aquarium.
  • Add 25ml (5 teaspoons) per 3 gallons of water. This produces a concentration of 50 ppm. It is not recommended that the concentration be increased beyond 50 ppm. ?
  • Place fishes to be treated in this solution for no longer than 10 seconds. ?(d) Return fish to original aquarium.



NOTE: Fungal Control is not intended for human consumption

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