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Aquario Neo Root tab ST.LONG

Aquario Neo Root tab ST.LONG

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Aquario Neo Plants Tabs have planted aquarium root tabs designed to slowly release rich nutrients to aquatic plants. Whether used in conjunction with planted aquarium substrate soil such as aqua soil, Aquario Neo Soil, sand, or even gravel, Aquarium Neo Plants Tabs can be used in rich or inert aquarium substrates. In addition, these root tabs are great in situations where planted aquarium substrate has been exhausted and aquatic plants are starting to show deficiencies. Aquario Neo Plants Tabs will save you the hassle of shutting down your tank and replacing all the substrate just to set it up again. Aquario Neo Plants Tabs are even useful in inert aquarium substrates such as sand and gravel. It is perfect for hobbyists who prefer to introduce fewer nutrients in aquariums with less aquatic plant mass or nutrient requirements.


Simply insert Aquario Neo Plants Tabs approximately every 7x7” square quadrant of an aquarium. Use aquascaping tweezers to insert Aquario Neo Plants Tabs deeply into the substrate.

Tab Composition Effect & Usage
Organic Fertilizer
Long-lasting, slow-release fertilizer.

Perfect for: when reusing old aquarium soil or inert aquarium substrate. Great for use with heavy root-feeding aquarium plants such as Echinodorus and Cryptocoryne species.


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Kevin Ray Albert Dajan

Great value

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