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Reeflowers Pearl White Sand -- 1kg available loose pack

Reeflowers Pearl White Sand -- 1kg available loose pack

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ReeFlowers Pearl White Sand is a natural, pure white sand specifically produced for aquariums. It contains 99% calcium carbonate, has no synthetic components, heavy metal, or toxic substances, and is not chemically treated. Pearl white sand acts as a natural buffer to water hardness due to its calcium and carbonate content that creates a natural environment for aquarium inhabitants that prefer a higher pH. Pearl White Sand will stabilize your aquarium’s pH level between 8.1 – 8.4.

The sand particles are smooth with no sharp angles or jagged edges and help to create the optimum environment for nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria. 


Rinse the sand be thoroughly before introduction into the aquarium during both initial installation and during sand refills to compensate for the sand lost over time. To help clear up any cloudiness that may occur, use ReeFlowers AquaClarify after you put the sand into the aquarium. The presence of dust in the sand is due to the sand's natural formation. The dust has exactly the same content as sand grains and is harmless.

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Maitha Khalifa
Good quality Sand

I recommend it, will buy again.

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